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Spooky Bus Tour

Hop on the bus for a spooky ride!

Hop on our Spooky Wichita Bus Tour and get first-hand insight into the ghostly activities that Wichita doesn't want you to know about! We don’t just do bus tours, we are an active paranormal investigation team. We’ve investigated many of the locations that we stop by on the bus ride.

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Experience paranormal investigations

Tag along with the RTP team to experience a live paranormal investigation. Our investigations take us to locations in X, Y, and Z where we’ll explore ghostly activity. With our expert gear in tow, we offer the public an opportunity to be involved in paranormal encounters first-hand.

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Road Trip Paranormal’s history

Road Trip Paranormal began in 2011 as a paranormal research team. Traveling across the country, we began tracking down the connections between the land itself and all the paranormal activity happening on a daily basis. In 2014, we started mixing paranormal investigations with tours and public events. Our team wanted the give the public a chance to witness hauntings firsthand. Today, RTP has one of the largest teams in Kansas and handles events all over the state year around.

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