Bus Tours

Hop on the bus for a spooky ride!

Hop on our Spooky Wichita Bus Tour and get first-hand insight into the ghostly activities that Wichita doesn't want you to know about! We don’t just do bus tours, we are an active paranormal investigation team. We’ve investigated many of the locations that we stop by on the bus ride.

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What to expect

This 90 minute tour will pick up and drop off at River City Brewing Company. For 90 minutes we will blow your mind with the skeletons in Wichita's closet! Since we have actively investigated many of these locations, we’ll be playing audio clips from our investigations. The bus stops briefly at each location while we explain what’s exciting or spooky about that location. During the tour, everyone remains on the bus so we have time to get to each location!

Fun and excitement you don’t want to miss

You’ll hear stories about people in Wichita’s past like Rowdy Joe and Red Beard, two local bar owners who dueled it out on the streets of Delano. In fact, we’ve made contact with Red Beard on an investigation and we can’t wait to tell you about it.


(and less spooky)



The bus departs near River City Brewing Company (150 N Mosley St, Wichita, KS 67202). Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the time on the ticket. We welcome you, your friends, and other paranormal enthusiasts to enjoy conversation, food, and drinks at the bar before and after the event.

(coolers, etc.)

Keep the party going by bringing a small cooler on the bus! Please use the bathroom before the tour, as there are no bathrooms on the bus.

Age Requirements/ Kids

Tickets are for guests ages 13 and up. Guests under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

"I would definitely do another tour. The narratives of their investigations were very informative as well as entertaining. It was great to hear the history that goes along with the sites to better explain their findings."
- John

"My bestie and I have been to 3 events and they're always so fun! They've done their homework and know the history. They have tools and instruments that show paranormal activity and help you communicate with spirits. I got goosebumps during a session with the ghost box! So cool! They're excited about what they do and it shows in the quality of their events. 10 outta 10! Definitely check them out."   - Megan