What is an investigation?

Tag along with the RTP team to experience a live paranormal investigation. Our investigations take us to locations primarily in the Midwest United States where we’ll explore ghostly activity, but we’ve explored all over the country! With our expert gear in tow, we offer the public an opportunity to be involved in paranormal encounters first-hand.


Some of our destinations!


What happens...

Investigations generally happen from late evening to early morning hours. We'll gather at the spot, and before the investigation starts, we will begin by letting everyone know the rules of the road for the evening. Unlike our bus tours, there are no alcoholic drinks allowed. You are encouraged to bring something to drink (water, sports drinks, soda) and snacks. Once we are in the building investigating, it will be hard to leave the group. The places that we investigate have bathrooms, so don't worry about taking a bio break! During the investigation, you'll be guided by one of our staff and encouraged to participate in observing and recording the paranormal activity. You may even be asked to work with some of our equipment (don't worry, we will show you how to use everything)!


What does not...

Our investigations are not staged in any way. We won't have people hiding to scare you. You'll meet all our staff at the beginning of the investigation. We're not here to trick you. Anything strange or weird that happens during the investigation is really happening! There are no wires, fishing line or other trickery happening. This is the real deal. While you're in the building, you'll be with one of our staff, you won't be wandering the building or property alone.



Do you offer private tours?


Yes! Please use the contact form to schedule a private tour or investigation.


Can you investigate my home?


Yes! We can investigate private homes and business. We offer these when we do not have other events scheduled. We will want to meet with you and tour the home/property in the daylight before conducting the investigation. We do charge a fee for a private investigation to pay for our time and use of our equiptment.


Will you investigate my business?


Our investigation events generally last between 4 and 6 hours. You are welcome to stay until the end or leave early. If you leave early we generally cannot let you back into the building since we will be busy conducting the investigation.


When our team first started out, we didn’t have much in the way of tools to help us detect and contact the paranormal. Today, we have a variety of tools to deploy during different situations. Here are some of the tools that we use regularly:



A thermometer is one of the most common pieces of equipment paranormal investigators use. Investigators often take temperature readings in different parts of a building to detect any unusual changes. Some believe that ghosts lower the temperature in an area, so a sudden drop in temperature may indicate a supernatural presence. However, it's worth noting that temperature changes can also be caused by things like drafts, so fluctuations in temperature are not always conclusive evidence.

emf meter

EMF Meters

An EMF meter measures electromagnetic fields. Many believe that ghosts manipulate these fields, so changes in the readings could be an indication of their presence. However, EMF readings may also be affected by things like power lines and electrical appliances, so the reliability of readings may vary depending on the environment.

video camera

Video Cameras

Video cameras are often used in an effortto capture footage of ghosts. Many investigators will set up cameras in an area where there have been reports of supernatural activity and leave them running overnight. Sometimes they reveal strange things on camera, but recordings also capture mundane things like people walking by or insects flying past the lens.


digital recorders

A digital recorder is another essential tool for paranormal investigators. Ghosts often communicate by manipulating electronic devices like radios and TVs. By recording these interactions, you may find evidence of the ghost's presence. Investigators also use a digital recorder to conduct EVP sessions, during which participants ask ghosts questions and record their responses.