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Who is Road Trip Paranormal?

Road Trip Paranormal began in 2011 as a paranormal research team. Traveling across the country, we began tracking down the connections between the land itself and all the paranormal activity happening on a daily basis. In 2014, we started mixing paranormal investigations with tours and public events. Our team wanted the give the public a chance to witness hauntings firsthand. Today, RTP has one of the largest teams in Kansas and handles events all over the state year around.

Tour Guides

Our Early Work

In the early days of Road Trip Paranormal, we were a ragtag group of paranormal investigators who drove around looking for any and all haunted hotspots. We didn't have much in the way of equipment or experience, but we had a passion for the paranormal and were determined to find answers.

We quickly realized that Wichita was rife with paranormal activity. There were reports of hauntings at Cowtown, the Orpheum Theater, and even inside some of the abandoned buildings downtown. We investigated them all, and while we didn't always find conclusive evidence of ghosts, we had a lot of fun (and sometimes scares) along the way.  As we gained experience, our contact with the paranormal became more frequent.

During our investigations, we've seen and heard things that we cannot explain. We've recorded and taken pictures and videos of those things too. We love to share our knowledge of the history of the locations along with our paranormal evidence to give our guests an exciting experience!

Current Day

Today, the team is focused on balancing time between investigations and events where the public has the opportunity to learn and participate. We are proud to offer events that range from entertaining to informative, like our bus tours, to full service investigations in which people participate overnight.

If you are interested in following our current investigations, be sure to check out our social media pages. We post regularly on Facebook. You never know when we might need your help with our next case!




Kansas native and owner of Road Trip Paranormal since 2014. Investigator and researcher of the unknown for 20 years.


Kansas native and member of Road Trip Paranormal since 2018. Investigator of the unknown and paranormal tech specialist for over 15 years.


Kansas native and member of Road Trip Paranormal since 2018. Investigator and paranormal historical researcher for over 15 years.


Roth is a Kansas native and has been with Road Trip Paranormal since 2014. He specializes in communication with clients as well as the spirits.


Andi has been with Road Trip Paranormal since 2018. Her enthusiasm for history has helped make her a great tour guide and investigator.